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Let The Horns Blow - Remixes

by Pat Van Dyke

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The true gift of music is its fluidity and transformative state. So much of our existence is based on fixed and unchanging, even predetermined confluences that dictate our life flow – intervals of time, DNA, magnetism… These things typically influence us, not the other way around.

However, music is constantly changing, adapting, evolving, being reinvented. Skin drum rhythms become Zildjian laced 14" brass snare and 18x22" kick drum kits before being imitated beat for beat by the beatbox. Sheet music went to acetate before it reached the MP3 state. And African rhythms became Blues before Rock N Roll took hold and was pressed up and placed on the one’s and two’s to be used by Hip Hop DJ’s….only to be remixed.

Therein lies the beauty. The ebb and flow of its malleable nature and ability to morph is the oceanside sunset of music’s existence. It’s never finished. It only exists as an incomplete opus. What we hear is merely what it is to us in that moment.

So when PVD’s declaration to Let The Horns Blow was pressed, that imprint only served as a captured sound of an evolving presence. What we didn’t hear yet was the next step in that process. The lava-lamp-like nature of its continuous change became other musicians’ playthings. A Brooklyn based duo; a New Brunswick, New Jersey MC; a Columbus, Ohio band; and a rapper named Darryl each added a new chapter to the ongoing saga of PVD’s music in flux. Fancy Colors added…well, a colorful new element to “Forth n Back.” Silent Knight took “Afro” out for a spin and brought it back with a new attitude. Osage slid into “Break” and put it together again, but with a twist. It took the reunion of Lux DeVille to turn “On The Good Foot” into a funkier version of itself.

These are remixes but that isn’t what this project is about.
This is about the shapeshifting of music. This is about what artists add to the palette they’re given. This is about the oscillations and variations of sound and music. This is just one version – a stasis in an evolution – of a sound that originated in the heart and mind of PVD. Yes, these are the remixes. But they’re also something new with the essence of Let The Horns Blow. Because music…its beauty is in its fluidity.

- Eric SAESO Alvarez


released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Pat Van Dyke Jersey City

PVD is a drummer, composer, producer, & band leader. Equally comfortable behind the drums as he is writing songs at the Fender Rhodes, PVD balances the rhythmic intensity of true-school hip hop with the rich harmony & refreshing subtlety of jazz. Live instrumentation & analog synths, alongside vintage keys & lush horns, all combine to straddle the boundaries of electronic music, jazz, & hip-hop. ... more

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